Our Gang Members


This  Dogo Argentino is such a gentle giant. He has a quiet strength and calmness about him that seems to travel right through the leash and into your soal. He's always up for a long brisk walk right by your side despite snow, rain or cold.  


Stella and Leika

Can you say Laverine and Shirley... These two definitly lead the social committee in their neighbourhood.  They must take in all the sights and smells they can and eagrly meet & greet anyone who passes.  






Such a sweet girl! She loves nothing more than to be by your side, the closer the better. Snowball is soo  soo loyal. Shes a snuggle buddy for sure until you get her outside. Then, she has a job to do and shes means business. She'll track down any squirrel chipmunk and bird. She's so eager to please you and rewards you with so much love.



What a magnificent boy!  


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